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The Ouzoud waterfalls are located 170 kilometers from Marrakech and are one of the most popular day trips from Marrakech. The Ouzoud cascades are located in the middle Atlas area, close to Azilal city. After a 3-hour journey from Marrakech, you may visit Morocco’s highest waterfalls, go on a day trip from Marrakech to ouzoud waterfalls around the falls, ride the native boats to cross the river, or trek for 2 hours to reach the source of the Ouzoud cascades, and dine on delicious Moroccan cuisine in one of the restaurants. During the summer, Moroccans flock to the Ouzoud Cascades,ouzoud waterfalls day trip.

Ouzoud Waterfalls Day Trip is accessible every day, with departure from your accommodation and traveling through the Atlas Mountains to view and enjoy the finest of Morocco’s Waterfalls.
Take a Ouzoud Waterfalls Day Trip, one of Morocco's natural treasures. After 150 kilometers of winding journey from Marrakech, we arrive at the Ouzoud waterfalls. And through stunning landscapes dominated by the earth's red, the thuyas' dark green, and the olive trees' delicate gray-green. It is also feasible to take a boat tour on the falls while at Ouzoud. Morocco's most famous waterfalls are well worth the trip. Its water, which is around 110 meters high, bounces on numerous levels and shoots fine droplets into the air. A gorgeous rainbow nearly usually surrounds the waterfalls. Many modest eateries serving traditional Moroccan food can be found on the location of the Ouzoud waterfalls. You can also enjoy a mint tea at the foot of the falls while watching the carousel of monkeys and viewing the rainbow above the waterfalls. You can either cross the river on the wooden bridge or, for a few dirhams, board one of the small boats dubbed "Le France," "Le Phocéa," or "Le Titanic," which will transport you to the closest point to the falls. The Ouzoud cascades have all the charm you need for a relaxing day. It's no surprise that Ouzoud means "sweet" in Berber. Lunch is provided for free. In the afternoon, return to Marrakech and end of our Day Trip From Marrakech To Ouzoud Waterfalls.
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During your day trip from Marrakech to ouzoud waterfalls, you will explore one of Morocco’s most remarkable natural sites. Enjoy the stunning vistas of these 110-meter-high waterfalls while keeping an eye out for the resident monkeys.


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