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This Marrakech To Agafay Desert provides a peaceful day in the stony desert with a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains of the High Atlas. Additionally, With the Marrakech Agafay Desert Day Trip you will get an understanding of Berber life in the Berber communities.The Agafay Desert in Morocco is situated 30 kilometers south of the city of Marrakech and covers several hundred hectares. This rocky desert is similar in appearance to a sand desert. Indeed, its white dunes soar and the scene is reminiscent of the Moroccan Sahara’s dunes. In the midst of the desert is an unexpected oasis, a sanctuary of calm and tranquillity conducive to the development of fauna and flora. Frogs and turtles coexist happily in this paradise’s wadis, which are bordered by water and rocks. Some Berber settlements remain hidden among the dunes, surviving in this austere yet beautiful environment. A brief vacation to Morocco will prevent you from experiencing the high point of seeing the Sahara Desert. However, the Agafay desert’s sense of life is eerily similar.

Marrakech To Agafay Desert 1 Days is accessible every day, with departure from your accommodation and traveling through the Atlas Mountains to view and enjoy the finest of Morocco’s camel trek and desert activities.

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Your driver will take you up at 09:00 a.m. for the Marrakech to Agafay Desert day excursion, which will allow you to appreciate the tranquillity of the countryside, Takerkoust Lake, and the Agafay Desert. The path is shaded by lush vegetation, olive and orange orchards, and passes through the occasional village of Ait Imour, from which we will go off road and drive through a completely different scenery of stone desert, barren light brown plateaux, Bedouin villages, Oasis, and high hills with panoramic views of the High Atlas. After a few hours, small spots of green will appear, and you'll be back on the tarmac road flanked by old eucalyptus trees. You will reach the Lalla Takerkoust's rim. You will arrive at the brink of the Lalla Takerkoust lake, which was erected as a dam to provide energy to Marrakech. You will reach Nfis valley by tiny hills beside the dam, passing through Berber towns and arrive at a Berber family dwelling. You are welcome to visit the house and eat lunch there. After lunch, you will have the choice of hiking for 2 hours with Saida or Hamid and climbing for an hour to see one of the oldest settlements in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains' largest forest. Following a visit to a traditional olive oil presser, you will descend between olive trees and terraced fields to the only house next to the Nfis river, from which your journey will continue to Ouiragan via the forest, traditional salt pools, and Asni, a small town (market on Saturdays) with a view of Toubkal, North Africa's highest peak. Before arriving in Marrakech, you will pass through the Moulay Brahim gorges, the Ghighaya valley, and Tahanouete.
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Marrakech To Agafay Desert Frequently Asked Questions

You will get the opportunity to experience the breathtaking vistas of the rock desert, which is located south of the High Atlas Mountains between Lake Lalla Takerkoust, on the Marrakech To Agafay Desert. You will discover the untouched beauty of a desert and rubbish area during our Agafay Desert And Atlas Mountains Day Trip. During the winter, the Agafay Desert is covered in wheat, barley, and flowers, but during the summer and fall, it takes on the appearance of a true desert, replete with flowing dunes and, as an additional bonus, the spectacular snow-capped High Atlas mountains in the background. Agafay comes alive in the spring with wildflowers, plants, and wildlife, giving a breathtaking panoramic desert experience.


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